2012 Conference

The first Columbia Media Conference featured over 20 innovators on both the content and business sides of the media industry—including Jon Steinberg, the president and COO of BuzzFeed; Blake Eskin, the first web editor of The New Yorker; and New York Times golden boy Brian Stelter, of recent Page One fame. Topics ranged from innovations in the presentation of digital content, to new revenue strategies for both legacy and start-up media organizations, to the various career paths available in the modern journalism world.

Represented publications included the Atlantic Wire, ESPN the MagazineGawker, the New Yorker, the New York Times, Slate, BuzzFeed, and more, along with representatives from McKinsey & Company and Columbia Journalism School.

The conference was presented by the Columbia Daily Spectator, along with the Blue and White magazine and the Columbia InterPublications Association, the umbrella group of Columbia’s undergraduate publications.